Goodschain: Trading Virtual Goods of Incremental Value

Camilo García

Goodschain, a revolution to the trade of goods.

Its operation is simple: buy a good at a low cost and sell it at a higher price, so that we have a profit for our effort. But what do we buy and sell on Goodschain? It's simple: a virtual good. At first glance saying "a virtual good" seems unimaginable, but in reality it is just a field stored on a secure server, which can be bought and sold through the web platform.

What are the requirements to get started? Nothing of great importance - sign up for free, fill out a form or two, and click a few buttons to get everything ready. Then, like any business, we acquire the goods that we will then sell at a higher price to obtain the expected benefits. All this on the web platform There is nothing to hide: no commissions, no monthly payments, no annuities or hidden things to the transparency of a good business.

How much can I earn? That depends on the effort and strategy you like to follow. For example: if you buy a virtual good at a price of 10 dollars, automatically, at the time of payment, the purchased good will be withdrawn from the seller's store and will appear in your virtual store or, rather, in your Goodschain profile, two assets with a combined value of $ 26, or 260% of the amount invested. And only one step would be missing, but not least and the basis of any business: selling your two recently acquired virtual assets to make a profit.

The sale price of each good acquired is controlled by the algorithm and is incremental following the following formula (Purchase Price * 1.3) for each of the two goods that will appear in your Goodschain profile or store.

A profile or store on the website is where the goods that you have bought and are for sale are displayed. I clarify again that you do not have to pay commissions, memberships or annuities to the Goodschain platform, or to anyone in particular, except Paypal, which is the payment gateway that is responsible for processing sales.

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